First Fishing Outing of 2022

Posted by Caistor Tackle on

Hornsea South Boat Launch

Wind NE veering NW 10/15mph

Tide 5.6m High Water 06.45 (According to my app ???)

So for the first trip of the New Year Steve Saville and I decided to try Hornsea just past the boat launch. No fresh worms available but as always freezer well stocked. I took Belgian Black slaps, dirty squid, Mackerel, prawns and some recently bought slaps. Arrived at approx 02.30 to a windy, cold and drizzling Hornsea. The sea was well up considering there was still about 4hrs to top of water. The wind had shifted to the NE and had gained in strength. Nothing else to do but get changed and have a coffee.
Steve arrived shortly afterwards, after looking at the sea he asked "well what do you think" I think my face said it all but we decided Easington would be a non starter with the tide and weed, so out came the gear.

We got down on the beach and with half an hour we were moving back onto the concrete rampart. With just one rod loaded with squid and Belgian slap cocktail on a two hook flapper, we kept chucking out and 5 minutes later the gear was along the beach. After a couple more casts came the weed, within 2 minutes of chucking out the weed was blowing up your line so it was unanimous sausage sarnie and a brew time. Strangely enough there were no other anglers about so it was obvious that it was only Steve and I that had muppet syndrome.

The tide seem to peak at 06.00hrs which was nearly an hour before the forecasted time but still after our break it was back to business. The water was receding quickly and we were soon back on the beach. The waves seemed to be getting bigger and louder, some of the rollers must have been touching 3m. The surf was anything from 50m to 300m, you could see the swells forming at least 300m off shore.

We struggled on, never knowing if we had had a bite or not at the rod tips never really stopped bouncing, the sea seemed to be flattening off and then would pick up again. One good point the weed disappeared as quick as it came. It got to about 11.00am and Steve and I both agreed enough was enough and packed up, as we finished our last coffee on the top another hardy Fisherman arrived, Steve looked at me and smiled. Hope he had better luck than we did.


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