Fishing the mighty river Humber

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Well after driving through snow to get to Hornsea to see 3m rollers and 500m of surf, we decided to try the river. Paull was decided although we had a long wait for some water in front of the car park. We had a good selection of baits, yellowtails from N E Tackle at Hornsea and rag from Craig at Northfields in Cottingham plus frozen squid, mackerel and bluey. We all decided to use just the one rod for starters. Steve wanted the sausage sarnies straight away so I got my gear out and started cooking. The wind was a bitter NNW and fairly strong. There were a few other anglers scattered about doing the same as us ,just waiting for the water to reach us, we could have gone down on the cranches but those days have long gone for Steve and me but Roy could probably have managed it but then he would have missed his sarnies. About 12.00 there was sufficient water to stand a chance of catching a fish so out went the baits, rod tips as low as possible as the wind was howling and there was a lot of movement. About 13.00 Roy retrieved 2 small codling, one poor bugger was well stunted. I had some great bites that only resulted in 3 crabs. Between Roy and myself we tried nearly every rig style in our arsenal, seemed to work for Roy but not for your truly. Steve pulled in a small codling about 14.30. By now there were plenty of other anglers scattered along the front. Roy snaffled another codling that would have been more suited in a tin of John West. The wind was freezing and the low sun was so brilliant I had to put my sunglasses on. Roy decided he was calling it a day about 16.30hrs. Steve and I decided to give it a bit longer. After 2 more crabs for me Steve pulled in a fair sized whiting and I decided enough was enough. I gave the remainder of my yellowtail to the guy who moved in to Roy's spot as Steve had plenty left. I do hope I am not following in Verns steps with my a run of blanks. Nice steady drive home to snowy Caistor


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