Kilnsea 14/12/2021

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Set off at a sensible time for a change, 06.00am, forecast was exceptional for this time of year, surprisingly reports were very scarce. High water was at 14.33hrs.  Arrived at about 07.45 to another changed beach, with more concrete obstruction showing and yet more sand at the top end of the beach. One chap from the caravan park was already fishing, so poured a coffee and wandered down for a yarn. He had only been fishing for 30mins with no results. There was evidence of a lot of the pink peril which didn’t fill me with enthusiasm, still only time would tell.

Roy Cartwright arrived soon after me, we chose our spots and took our gear down. Steve Saville appeared shortly afterwards followed by our two mates from Hartlepool, thought my drive was long enough but it was a nip next door compared to their 150-mile trek, one way that is. Other anglers were arriving constantly so Chris Ritchie and Ged decided to fish close to me as the beach had soon filled up, now they may be accurate in their casting but mine leads a lot to be desired but Hey ho !! Using a 2 hook flapper baited up with yellowtails from Nic at East Coast Tackle that were First Class, Chris decided to give me a few casting lessons. Bloody hell the first one landed in Denmark somewhere, it just about cleared two thirds of braid from the 300m on the spool. The tide was pulling strong and the 6oz gripper was struggling to hold bottom. So after 20 mins my rod tip went over,  on retrieve the line started to go at 90 deg to the beach and was picked up by the angler on my right who didn’t seem too happy but it was just a one hook tangle so after he released it I wound in to find a small rockling and a fair whiting which put me on the board. Tings were coming in thick and fast with the Geordies stamping their mark on the leader board. Chris Ritchie even managed a 3 fish catch on a 2 hook rig, one small ting had the hook, snood passed through the soft flesh of its mouth obviously bait in tact and then another ting took that whilst another took the top hook, there is always one !!. Then it quickly became apparent as the toilet paper, plastic bags and pink fur sausages came ashore it was time for breakfast. We were treat to Geordie sausages and black pudding by the Northerners, cooked by yours truly.

So after filling our bellies it was back to business, thankfully the weed had eased off pleasing all but Roy who had already lost 3 rigs and a fair chunk of line off one reel, not having any spare spool I leant him an Akios R10 reel. The whiting were coming ashore steady, then on a double I had a black flounder and a small codling to be the only cod to come ashore between the five of us. High water came and went with a steady catch when the pink fur returned about 16.30hrs and the Geordies decided enough was enough. We said our goodbyes and they said they had enjoyed the fishing and the craic, they parted us with those famous words “We will be back”.

Then there were 3, we fished through the weed catching whiting after whiting, The beach thinned as dusk fell, time for tip lights plus our new led beach lamps from Amazon lit the beach up like a runway. After getting snagged again Roy decided to call it a day and left for home.  Steve and I kept at it pulling the whiting in on a regular pace. The night had started off warm but the temp was dropping quickly, about 189.30 Steve walked over and said he was ready for packing in, as we had made an agreement last year that due to our age, mobility and general safety that we would not fish solo on a night so we packed up and made our way to the car park.

All in all, a very satisfying days fishing, still waiting for the cold snap to bring the cod inshore (hopefully). I had learnt a few tips from Chris Ritchie for which I am truly grateful, great weather, fishing and craic, what more could you wish for.


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