Nephew, Marcus Lloyd upstages everyone

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On a very hard day for fishing we were all upstaged by first time angler Marcus Lloyd (15). Easington look rather formidable with large rollers and a heavy swell, the beach has already been transformed with the recent blow. Two seals patrolling about 120m off shore was not an encouraging site. Still we stuck it out to the last, after everyone had gone with no success, couldnt even hold out with a 7oz Gemini. Marcus soon gained the action for casting and after a few practice cast was reaching 60/70m. We knew there was a gulley at about 50m and so I suggested he try a single hook flapper baited with Spurn Black lug. Admittedly he did not see the bite, there was so much wave action it was very difficult to detect anything. After perseverance on the third to last cast on the retrieve I heard the shout "I've got a fish" I looked and to my amazement there he was with a small codling which was one fish more than Steve Saville or myself had managed and according to the rest of the anglers that passed by it was better than they had done.

So well done Marcus and here's to more and bigger next time matey




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