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Smoothie session at Easington, Holderness Coast, Wednesday 15th July 2020

Posted by Caistor Tackle on

So after a right mess up with me not reading messages from my mate Steve Saville, I forget the rag worm, Steve drove to Witherensea like he messaged and I drove to Easington which had been our earlier plan. I waited for a while and then thought maybe he had been held up in the re surfacing works at Keyingham.

Down onto the beach carrying all my clobber plus the new Icon Igloo which although isn't heavy in itself its still extra weight. It was a small tide with a slight breeze so decided to set both rods up. Using sandeel on a Pennel rig which produced zilch and straight dirty squid on the other. Had the frozen peelers  from Saul Page Tackle and Bait in my Thermos so decided to try a peeler wrapped in squid,on another Pennel,  after 10 minutes the rod was trying to bounce out of the tripod. First fish was the biggest just under 8lb. So quickly in with the sandeel and out with a peeler/squid wrap, 5 minutes or so and in again.

The weather was rather hit and miss with the odd shower or two. I had been rather sceptical about the Igloo being easy to erect but was pleasantly surprised after laying it down flat, covering the back skirt with stones and sand it went up like a dream, well impressed.

The fishing was steady all day until about 15.30 which was about 2 1/2 hours after high water and then the dreaded weed came on. I stuck it out for another hour or so but it was hopeless. All in all a great days fishing just the long walk back to the van !!


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