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The aim of our website is to be able to supply anglers from all sectors with affordable, good quality fishing tackle. Some of the items are actually produced by Caistor Tackle ie leads, perks, swimfeeders. The remainder is sourced from reputable UK suppliers

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Clips and Links

Fishing links are a basic metal item of terminal tackle, which is primarily used to attach weights to a rig. Most sea fishing rigs end in some kind of link, showing their importance to if you want to fish in larger, deeper waters.

Links are used to allow anglers to attach the weight of their choice to a rig, so they can adapt their set up to whatever waters you decide to fish in. Want to do some lake fishing? Use a link to attach a weight that is best suited to your surroundings. Do you want to do some sea fishing? Not a problem! A fishing line link can help you easily adapt your weight to something more suitable.

Links also play a very important role in safety when out on the water. If the weight were tied directly to the right, it could mean that it becomes weakened if it were dragged over rocks, sharp objects, or sand as it has been retrieved.

A link provides a strong buffer between the weight and the knot, preventing the latter from becoming damaged, which would also have obvious safety implications.

Fishing line clips

Clips are just as crucial as links on a fishing line, so don’t underestimate their importance! Their duty is to hold the line tight so you can easily fish securely in your chosen position, without the worry of your line moving.

We also provide line clips for bait, in where a distance may be required in order for you to obtain your dream catch. These fishing rod clips are a great way of improving your casting distance to reach further than ever before, all by streamlining your rig.

Got any questions about our fishing clips or links? If so, get in touch with the team at Caistor Tackle today! Simply fill out our online enquiry form or call us up on 07979 788 562 and we’ll be happy to help.


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