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The aim of our website is to be able to supply anglers from all sectors with affordable, good quality fishing tackle. Some of the items are actually produced by Caistor Tackle ie leads, perks, swimfeeders. The remainder is sourced from reputable UK suppliers

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Soft Bait Moulds

Soft baits have rapidly become a major player in sea fishing, with the explosion of anglers now using kayaks as their fishing platform giving and thus them access to  spots that have been up to now inaccessible to the boat or beach angler. This new breed of fisherman have also brought with them many new ideas including soft bait variations including

  • Colours
  • Texture
  • Suppleness
  • Smell
  • Glitters
  • Rattles

Caistor Tackle are constantly updating their stock in an attempt to keep up with the many various versions of softbait designs available for anglers

Our soft bait moulds are  produced from a strong sturdy block of industrial grade Aluminium and with good care these moulds will offer countless casts.


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