The System 100+ Breakout Sinker mould complete with a range of System 100+ sinker accessories in a sturdy compact carry box. This Complete DIY mould kit will allow you to produce your very own 90g, 110g, 130g, 150g, 170g, 190g and 210g  (lead not included in mould kit)Gemini System 100+ Breakout Sinkers. The mould is fully adjustable (allows you to make various size sinkers), Easy to use and comes with full instructions that will guide you through the full process.

System 100+ Carry Box With Mould Contents:
1 x System 100+ adjustable mould
1 x Mould spacer
1 x DD fixed grip head
1 x Springy fixed grip head
2 x Anti Snag fixed grip head
1 x Uptide insert – Long
3 x Uptide insert – Short
6 x Black breakout heads
2 x Yellow breakout heads
2 x Red breakout heads
3 x Blue breakout heads
1 x Green breakout heads
4 x Plain nose cones
7 x Long tail wires
3 x Short tail wires
8 sets of standard breakout grips
2 sets of long breakout grips
4 sets of extra long breakout grips
3 sets of side breakout grips

Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 7 cm
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