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The aim of our website is to be able to supply anglers from all sectors with affordable, good quality fishing tackle. Some of the items are actually produced by Caistor Tackle ie leads, perks, swimfeeders. The remainder is sourced from reputable UK suppliers

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Caistor Tackle Powder Paint Pot

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This handy sized Powder paint fluid bed is great for most weights used by coarse fishermen including those of you who target the specimen fish and use larger specific weights.

  • The Caistor Tackle Paint Pot  is complete with a base
  • The Caistor Tackle plastic mug has to be glued to the  base and then can be bolted with workbench
  • The cup can be changed by hand quickly
  • Paint can be stored in the cup saving time and mess on emptying and re filling
  • Usable height approx. 80mm  and width 55mm
  • Suitable pump is our 100 model
  • Spare mugs available so you have your common paints already to fit in in an instant


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