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The aim of our website is to be able to supply anglers from all sectors with affordable, good quality fishing tackle. Some of the items are actually produced by Caistor Tackle ie leads, perks, swimfeeders. The remainder is sourced from reputable UK suppliers

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Galvanised swim feeder net, mesh. 4mm holes Easy Cut. Make your own swimfeeders

Regular price £9.75

Galvanised steel swim feeder mesh, make your own feeder. 

  • This mesh is 200mm x 95mm per sheet
  • 4mm holes
  • Easy cut (Scissors or tin snips)
  • Compatible with our swim feeder moulds
Here are the  models now available :
Mould ref CB143 makes 1 weight of 20g
Mould ref CB111 makes 1 weight of 60g
Mould ref CB142 makes 1 weight of 45g
Mould ref CB140 makes 1 weight of 90g
Mould ref CB 170 makes 3 weights of 20/30/40g
Mould ref CB 76 makes  3 weights of 50/60/70g
Mould ref CB 77 makes  3 weights of 110/150/170g

Make all your own leads, paint them  texture them and experiment with them

All you require is available from the UK's largest stockists of Aluminium fishing weight moulds

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