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Gemini Splashdown Assembly Kits

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Please note all our products that carry the Gemini name are genuine original Gemini products

These  Splash Down Assembly Kits contains enough components (Not including the Lead) to produce 10 Splash Down Sinkers/weights. Splash Down Assembly Kits contain full instructions on how to cast and assemble your Splash Down Sinkers.

The Splash Down is excellent for off the ground casting. It locks the baited hook directly behind the sinker, vastly improving bait presentation and putting an end to those frustrating moments when your hook bait becomes unclipped mid-cast.

 The Splash Down range is produced using the highest quality materials here in the UK.

System 100+ Splash Down Assembly Kits are to be used in conjunction with the Gemini System 100+ Splash Down Mould. These assembly kits contain enough components for you to make 10 Splash Down Sinkers.

Available in this range are

Assembly Kit 130g/4oz      Green produces 10 Splash Down weights

Assembly Kit 150g/5oz      Blue produces 10 Splash Down weights

Assembly Kit 170g/6oz      Red produces 10 Splash Down weights

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